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Educate your employees Now!

Orion Protective Service is currently offering an Active Shooter training class for your business, no matter how large or small.

In the world we live in today, there is no guarantee that your employees will be safe in their own workplace, even with locked doors and static security measures. Education and preparedness are the keys to helping your staff negate a security threat.

Orion Protective Service offers a class to educate employees on what to do in the unfortunate event that an active security situation happens at your business. With a curriculum that is on point with local, state, and federal law enforcement training techniques, we provide education to employees so that they have an option if an active security threat takes place.

Orion Protective Service can come to your office, or place of work, with retired, trained, law enforcement instructors and provide a class on the "What to do" in the event of an active shooter situation. It's imperative that employees know their options to stay safe in a critical incident and give them the tools to mitigate the current threats that have been affecting the country regarding recent critical situations.

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